Food For Thought

Food For Thought
By Rachel Mullin

Cuckoos are unique in the bird world in many ways; one is that they have a unique diet, specializing on large-bodied insects, such as katydids, butterflies, and caterpillars. Birds spend a large proportion of their day foraging, and food availability plays an important role in their survival and how successful […]

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Cuckoo Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a Mangrove Cuckoo!
The Mangrove Cuckoo Project is well under way this spring, and we are asking you to participate in this exciting study by sponsoring a cuckoo. Although we receive some funding from grants, it is not enough to adequately study this secretive species.  Learning about this species is extremely labor-intensive (just ask […]

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Ecostudies New Website!

WELCOME to our new blog and web site!
We are very excited about our new and refreshed look, and we send a great big thanks to Ritama Design for putting it all together. With this new design and interface, we will be better able to highlight our conservation program and outreach efforts to the public and […]

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