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About Michelle Davis

Michelle works on Ecostudies Institute's project monitoring the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow in Everglades National Park. In 2002, she founded and still runs the Cape Florida Banding Station to monitor fall landbird migration through South Florida.


It is late in the summer, and most of the Cape Sable seaside sparrows have finished up breeding. The fledglings are now independent of their parents, and they form flocks that roam the prairies, exploring the habitat and seeing what the adult sparrows are up to. They have more confidence when they are in […]

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More on Fall Migration in South Florida

More on Fall Migration in South Florida


I run a banding station to monitor fall migration in the Miami area during the off-season when I am not working with Ecostudies Institute on the Cape Sable seaside sparrow project. Here is a gallery of some of the birds we have banded in the last 13 years.

First, […]

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Cape Florida Banding Station

Cape Florida Banding Station

I first moved to the Miami area in 2000 to work with the endangered Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow (CSSS) on several long-term demographic studies. These projects have now become a part of Ecostudies Institute’s (ESI) work on bird conservation in south Florida, and Dr. Tom Virzi and I have since joined […]

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