Gary Slater
Senior Advisor and Research Associate

Gary founded Ecostudies in 2001, following a decade of working in South Florida.  He has worked to identify situations where Ecostudies’ knowledge, experience, and skills can be most effective towards advancing the conservation of birds and their habitats.

His current research focuses on the reintroduction ecology of passerine bird species, the wintering and stopover ecology of waterbirds, and the recovery of the endangered Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow in Everglades National Park. He currently serves on the Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program Bird Workgroup Committee.

Gary’s passion for birds began as a child watching chickadees at the family bird feeder. He received a B.S. in Wildlife Science from Purdue University and a M.S. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida. Outside of the office, Gary enjoys spending time gardening, brewing beer, and hiking.