Photo by Tom Middleton

Flock of Western Sandpipers at an estuary in Puget Sound.
Photo by Tom Middleton


Ecostudies Institute is dedicated to understanding and conserving native populations of birds and other wildlife and their habitats. In short, we are committed to finding practical solutions that help recover and maintain wildlife populations. We conduct sound science to collect the information needed to help management species or develop conservation strategies. And we incorporate outreach to ensure that partners and citizens have the information necessary to be involved in conservation decisions.

In general, we tend to focus on birds because they are exceptional indicators of overall environmental health and integrity. They also have a devoted constituency and the public connects with birds because they are conspicuous, iconic, and often inspirational.

 Our core beliefs

  •  Biodiversity and intact habitats and ecosystems are important to the well-being of everyone.
  •  Sound science should guide the conservation, management, and restoration of birds and wildlife.
  • Disseminating results of scientific research promotes informed decision making and public involvement in conservation.


Ecostudies Institute was established in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) scientific non-profit organization. For nearly two decades Ecostudies built a strong foundation of conservation work, primarily focused on bird conservation in Florida and the Pacific Northwest.

In 2020, Ecostudies broadened its conservation capacity and vision when a group of individuals transitioned their programs from another organization to reside and grow at Ecostudies.  Based in Olympia, Washington, we now focus our efforts solely in the Pacific Northwest, where we focus on our unique brand of cooperative conservation. Our senior staff has over 60 years of experience in the Pacific Northwest, a region we are continuously fascinated and inspired by, but also faces significant conservation challenges.