We are an organization focused on discovering real-world solutions for conserving natural habitats in the Pacific Northwest and the wildlife and plant populations that rely on them.  We conduct sound science that strives to contribute to developing effective conservation strategies. We help partners restore and manage their lands to achieve tangible conservation outcomes. And we incorporate outreach and embrace partnerships to ensure that collaborative conservation goals are met.

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It’s that time of year again so mark your calendars! We are happy to announce that we will be conducting the 2021 annual Puget Sound Shorebird Count on Sunday November 28! Every winter, shorebirds migrate south to warmer climates in one of the most beautiful wildlife shows in the Pacific Northwest. In conjunction with Point Blue, we will again be monitoring these wintering populations in Puget Sound with community scientists and biologists at approximately 23 sites, including Samish, Padilla, Fidalgo and Port Susan Bays.

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